Photography Policy

Professional Photographers:

We welcome those who wish to
use our farm as a backdrop/setting for any portrait/commercial
photography. The photographer must purchase a photography
pass and specify the type of session. The session must be purchased prior to arrival for the photography session. Payments can be made by cash in person prior to the day of the session, card in person prior to the day of the session, or purchased online below.

Portrait photography is defined as senior pictures, engagement, family, graduation, wedding, etc.

Commercial photography is defined as, but not limited to: catalog, fashion, advertisement, promotion, etc.

Professional photographers must sign our photography waiver prior to the session beginning. This waiver can be sent via email, or signed in person. Rachel will send you the waiver when discussing booking the farm for a session.


Full Farm/Guided Access: This type of session is perfect for engagement photos, lifestyle photos, etc. One of the farmers will guide you throughout both of our farms; giving you a wide variety of backdrops and can take place during any time throughout the day. With advanced notice, we can provide our antique tractor, or a scenic background with livestock to make your session truly unique. - $150/hr

Mini-Sessions: defined as the photographer setting up in one area/section of the farm. Does not require the farmer to move/set-up/stage animals, equipment, etc. Photographer provides any props needed, can consist of multiple clients coming to the farm within that hour. Mini-Sessions can only take place between the hours of 9am and 5pm. - $100/hr

Professional Photography Pass

Professional Photography Pass

Regular price$150.00
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Based on an hourly rate. Additional time will be charged in 15 min increments at the conclusion of the session.
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