Meet Your Farmers

David is a fourth generation farmer who grew up working on his family's dairy farm where he still works today. He has dreamed from a young age of owning his own farm and shortly after graduating from high school, he turned that dream into a goal. He took classes to learn the trade of hardscaping and concrete work and began a small business that he still operates today. The capital from this first business venture led to the purchase of this farm.

Rachel does not directly come from a farming background although her family does have a history in dairy farming. The dairy cows were sold the year she was born but the family farm was where she has her fondest memories, riding her ponies and watching her cousins raise draft horses. Rachel developed a love for the field of nursing through volunteer work, and has practiced in various specialties as a Registered Nurse.

In 2013, David purchased the beautiful Lang Farm, a once dairy farm that was the pinnacle of agriculture in the area for many years. The land was placed in farmland preservation and their cattle were moved to the farm shortly after. David and Rachel officially moved to the farm in 2015 and tied the knot between the grain bins on the farm in 2017.

After noticing a demand for their beef and pork, they took the necessary steps to make their meats available to the public in June 2019. What was once a milking parlor is now a farm store where you can find not only their meats but other complimentary and carefully selected local goods as well. This has been the dream all along for David and Rachel and now they get to share it with their growing family who are already showing an equal level of joy and passion for the life their parents have created.

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