In addition to raising livestock, we also grow non-gmo corn, non-gmo soybeans, popcorn, multi-species cover crops, and other grain and cereal crops. These crops are stored on the farm and are used as part of the grain mixtures we feed to our livestock. What cannot be stored on our farm is sold to local feed mills who pay a premium for our non-gmo crops.

We use No-Till Practices

What is no-till?

Rather than plowing up the soil, we sow the seeds of our crops directly into the soil. This minimizes soil disturbance which helps to keep carbon in the soil, enriches soil biodiversity, minimizes runoff, and significantly decreases wind and water erosion. We focus on restoring and building organic matter to rejuvenate and maintain soil fertility in ways that require minimal synthetic inputs.

Grazing Cover Crops

Why so much focus on cover crops?

Cover crops are an invaluable part of a sustainable crop rotation. They improve soil health, minimize erosion, smother weeds, enhance water availability, add organic matter, and replenish soil nutrients. By carefully selecting multi-species cover crops, we simultaneously feed our cattle while naturally fertilizing our soil.

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