Large Meat Shares

Have you been thinking about going in on a meat share? Here is your chance! 

Selling meat shares is how it all started for us. We truly appreciate the customers we have now been selling meat shares to for many years and welcome those of you looking to fill your freezers with our hard work and passion.

We process beef every month out of the year and pork every 3 months to provide a consistently premium, fresh product. All packages are clearly labeled with the type of cut and vacuum sealed with the cut clearly visible.

Cash discounts available!

The prices listed on the website are with a 3% fee included for credit card processing. If you would like to reserve a share with cash, stop by the farm store or contact

Large shares are available for farm pickup only.

There is no better feeling than knowing we are a big part of your family's moments around the table. Thank you so much for choosing us to be your farmer!