Shipping From Our Farm Every Monday & Tuesday

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Shipping FAQs

We ship our meats, jerky, and popcorn to all 50 states every Monday and Tuesday.

We do not ship across any U.S. borders. We do not want to risk having our perishable items delayed in customs. We do ship everything else that does not require being frozen though!

Orders placed by 4:00pm Sunday of each week will be shipped out on Monday or Tuesday! Perishables are shipped overnight air or ground if you are within the 1 day ground shipping radius. You will receive a notification when your order has been fulfilled and a tracking number.

Large shares are currently for farm pick up only.

How To Return Your Box

We love the opportunity to reuse our boxes and liners multiple times! The boxes and liners are biodegradable and can be recycled, used as a travel cooler, or returned to us to be used again!

Option 1: Send your box and liner back to us via USPS

You can send your box back using "Media Mail Rate." To do this, just place a book inside (it cannot be a magazine, or any other paper, it has to be a book). Remove any notes or dry ice bags and return it to your local post office for $4-$6. We will create a little free book library for those who visit the farm store as well as donate them to our community! You can also send the boxes back via priority mail or retail ground.

send to:

Sickler's Circle View Farm

450 Bridgeton Pike, Monroeville, NJ 08343

As a thank you, once you have sent back 10 boxes via USPS, we would like to reward you $100 in meat! We will keep track, but you can also email us: to receive your discount code.

Option 2: Drop Off!

If you also like to visit our farm store from time to time on the farm, you may save your boxes up to return them to us when you visit us in person! This will also count toward your 10 box return credit. We will keep track, but you can also reach out to when you have returned 10 boxes to receive your discount code.